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Best LIMS In 2024

With so many laboratory software vendors out there, you might be wondering, what’s different about SnowLIS? Why is SnowLIS the best LIMS for your laboratory?

By paying close attention to customer needs, making effective use of key technologies, and serving as a reliable and trusted partner, SnowLIS has emerged as the clear industry leader in laboratory automation.

  • All analyzers intefaced with SnowLIS system
  • User- friendly interface that can manage you works easily
  • We are always updated to the newset technologies
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SnowLIS Advanced Features

Barcode Sample Management

SnowLIS organizes the tracking, testing and reporting of batches and lots to maximize laboratory efficiency. Track the status of all barcodes tested from submission through to reporting. Built-in laboratory , data review functionality and automatic validate the data transfered from analyzers to the barcodes is a key feature

  • Sample Barcode with Identification QR
  • Barcode Regenerate Facility
  • Indetailed Barcode Sticker Print
  • Customizable Barcode format
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Pre-Configured Report Formats

SnowLIS offers wide range of ISO Certified report formats with pre-configured Reference ranges. Advanced report content with validation QR and patient profile login QR helps your laboratory reports to stand out from others.

  • ISO Certified Report Formats
  • Culture and Biopsy Templates
  • Easy to configure
  • Footer comments adjustment
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Analyser Interfacing

SnowLIS will support all the compatible analysers for interfacing to the LIS. Connection of bidirectional and unidirectional analysers to LIS will reduce the human typing errors 100%.

  • Compatible with HL7/ASTM Protocol
  • Analyser Status Tracking Dashboard
  • Analyser Service and Maintainance Records
  • Secure and Fast data communication
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Inventory Control

Effective lab inventory management can significantly reduce costs and save time, enabling you to run your lab more efficiently and increase productivity.

  • Batch wise Stock Control
  • Close Expiry Reminders
  • Locate the Stock
  • Transfer Stocks between Branches/Departments
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Mobile Application

SnowLIS provide Powerful IOS/Andorid Application for patients to view their results and maintain a profile. The application is userfriendly and easy to understand for any ages. Laboratories will gain additional advantage from this application.

  • IOS / Andorid Compatible
  • Appointment Booking System
  • View History of Reports
  • Maintain Patient Profile
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QC Management

Laboratory quality control (QC) ensures that the lab processes and operations run efficiently and guarantees the production of accurate and reproducible results. SnowLIS will support to maintain QC Records accurate without human errors.

  • Intenal and External QC Records
  • QC Charts
  • Automated QC Results from Analysers
  • QC Dashboard
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Workflows and Dashboards

SnowLIS will provide verity of dashboards to make your work easier and to provide more details about the workflows. All the dashboards are customizable and organizable.

  • Admin / Management Dashboards
  • Lab Staff / Lab Incharge Dashboard
  • Lab Operations Dashboard
  • Inventory Management Dashboard
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Data Safety

SnowLIS gives your data top priority. We understand how important clinical data could be. SnowLIS always provide high end servers for its clients small to large.

  • SSL Attached URL
  • High Secure Web Servers
  • Firewall and Hackers Protections for servers
  • Server firmwears are upto date
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Branch / Collecting Centers Setup

We provide unlimited branches and collecting centers configure facility to our LIS. Users can configure any amount of branches and can link the collecting centers to the branches easily.

  • Unlimited Branches
  • Unlimited Collecting Centres
  • Easy Setup Process
  • Transfers between units
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Consultants Web Portal

SnowLIS provide consultants a special dashboard to login and check the records related to them. They will be able to check the eranings they gained form the laboratory refferals and the results of the patinets they reffered.

  • View Patients Reports
  • Details about commisions
  • View Patients Report Comparission
  • Received Commision Records
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Sample Collection Application

Sample Collection Application is a valuable addition for laboratories that provide service to home visit sample collections. From this application admin can track the sample collectors route and the status of collections.

  • Home Sample Collectiong
  • Track Sample Collection Route
  • Notification for Sample Collect Riders
  • Collect the Samples form Collecting Centres
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AI Intergrated Reports

SnowLIS AI Intergrated Reports will help to take the management decisions and move with the plans for the year. All reports are generated by specialized algorithms.

  • Management Reports
  • Sales forecast
  • Patients History Analysis
  • Expenses forecast
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What we Offer

SnowLIS Advantages

SnowLIS has the highest standards of security, both at the infrastructure level as well as within the application. SnowLIS infrastructure facilities are SOC2 compliant, and supports advanced security features such as Active Directory integration, end-to-end encryption and role-based permissions.

  • User friendly interface
  • Fast implementation
  • Perfect unlimited trainings
  • On-call support 24x7
  • All in one solution
  • High speed servers
  • Data backup solutions
  • Customized Solutions
  • Economical pricing
  • Advanced reports
  • Ready to go system
  • Free version updates
  • Advanced & latest technology
  • 100% user satisfication

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1.What are the benifits of using a laboratory software system?

The benifits of using Snow Laboratory Sftware System include improved data management, streamlined workflows, reduce humen errors, increased efficiency, and improved compliance with regulatory requirements.

Yes, Snow Laboratory Software Systems can be customized to meet specific needs, including intergration with other systems, user access controls, data visualizations, and report generation.

The key features of Snow Laboratory Software System include sample tracking, experiment management, result reporting, data analysis, and data visualizations.

Yes, Snow Laboratory Software Systems are designed with security features to protect sensitive laboratory data, including user access controls, data encryption, and audit trails.

1.Can a laboratory software system help with billing and invoicing?

Yes, Snow Laboratory software systems have billing and invoicing features that allow Laboratories to create invoices, track payments, and manage billing records.

Yes, Snow Laboratory software systems have reporting functinalities that can generate reports for billing and accounting purposes, such as revenue reports, payment reports, and billing history reports.

It depends on the specific Laboratory software system. Some systems may include billing and invoicing features as part of the base cost, while others may require an additional fee for these features.

Yes, Snow Laboratory software systems have the ability to generate automated invoices for recurring services, such as reguler lab testing or equipment maintanance, to save time and improve billing accuracy.


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